Freitag, 27. April 2012

My favourites for this summer: Flowers

One symbol of 'summer' are flowers!
I wanna see flowers everywhere this summer…
Flower prints on shirts, dresses, bags and of course jewellery…
But I’ve spotted also another flower trend: hair accessories
I first took notice of it in our lunch break when my friend Charlotte created this daisy chain for my friend Janis (first photo).
Everybody loved this lovely accessory -except one of our teachers- her reaction was:
'Take this off…this is ridiculous!’
But I would say she is ridiculous because of her bad sense of new trends!


And by the way, my friend Janis will be writing 
a column about Make-up for my Blog.
Her constant companion is her lipsticks!
So her first article will be
’10 advantages of lipstick’

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