Montag, 23. April 2012

Blog Presentation: I HATE BLONDE

I wanna make my blog more interesting for you, so i decided to post blog presentations.
I wanna present you not only fashionblogs but blogs which impress with a high artistic charisma.
For me a blog has to spread a visually attraction which make me stop and look longer than a second to it.

Do you already know the blog of Rachel Lynch from New York City ??
Than you missed something!
She is blonde, pretty and cheeky and so is her blog:

I really like her photos which are very feminine and stylish.
But it's not only her crazy and naughty photos which make the blog special
she also writes about political stuff and
criticize the american policy for example the health care.

She is already very popular with 1.436 fans on facebook
but I think she deserve more because of her girly design and the thrilling texts!

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